Briana Stewart & the Mad Man's Gospel

Langley, BC Canada

Bio: Even early on in life, Briana Stewart had the right tools to become a solid singer songwriter and performer. At the age of three, she began her classical training in piano that would carry her into her teens. By the time she entered her early 20's, Stewart also found herself dabbling in poetry and began absorbing a strong blues influence in such artists as BB King, Otis Redding & Billie Holiday. With this new found passion in the blues, she began to translate this skill for poetic writing and being able to pick melodies out of thin air, into song.

And once the material started taking form, everything just rolled along and led quickly into recording at Bugbear Studios in Vancouver. After only a few months of hard work, she has managed to finish her self-produced debut album 'Hero of Fools'.

Briana met Trevor Saunders in early 2008 and the creative connection was instantaneous! They are continually collaborating on new songs & performing at live venues all around Metro Vancouver. With the recent addition of Jeremy Boston (bass) and Brad Dirks (drums) – they are set to take their music to the next level. You can expect big things from this dynamic foursome in the near future.
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