Jamie Strange

Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand

Bio: Jamie Strange is a singer and songwriter from Hamilton. His band consists of himself, Kate Brightstar (mannequin), and Wee Man (dwarf). Kate’s main responsibilities are to provide emotional support and look good in the photos. Wee Man’s role currently consists of cameo music video appearances. Jamie has been writing and recording songs since teaching himself to play the guitar during one summer holiday while at High School. His ultimate dream is to become the first New Zealander to have a number one U.S. single. Jamie’s debut album “Thanks for Faking it Sometimes” is due out on 17th August 2009. It explores the themes of faking it as a rockstar, unfulfilled dreams, and a search for purpose and identity. The self-described genre is “Plastic Rock”. His fast songs are fun-filled and quirky (Weezer, Elemeno P, All American Rejects), and his slower ones are more melancholic (Nirvana). His melodies and guitar riffs are very catchy. Jamie fully self-funded the album through renovating and selling three houses, even though he admits to being “DIY challenged”. He plans to market the album through a campaign aimed at creating a mystery around the theme “Who is Jamie Strange?” Last year his song “Rockstar Clone” was runner-up in the UK Songwriting Competition, which consisted of over 6,000 entries. This song also recently received regular airplay on The Rock radio station. In June one of his Youtube clips was on the new American MTV show “DJ & The Fro”. Jamie quotes his main influences as Eminem and Nirvana. He is currently in the third year of his music degree at Wintec, and works at the Rockshop. He claims that he is not a rockstar, but that he is faking it. He says that he cannot even sing in tune. Time will tell what the jury makes of both this statement, and his musical contribution…
Website: www.jamiestrange.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/whoisjamiestrange
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