Dan Pettitt

Saltburn By The Sea, Saltburn-by-the-sea United Kingdom

Bio: At an early age Daniel dreamed of getting his music out there and was set to approach record labels with his songs, however, in 2000 at the age of 25 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia after a gradual decline in his health. After years recovering and living a reclusive lifestyle, there were only occasional appearances up until 2010 when he returned to performing locally and later released 'The Machine', an album about his experiences and raising awareness of mental illness.

Daniel is a prolific singer songwriter and has over a thousand recordings and written 34 albums since 1993. An award winning schoolboy poet, he had the impeccable sense to grow up into a songwriter. Throughout his life, Daniel has lived and played music in North Yorkshire, the South East and the South West, and is now based on the North East coast, where his heartfelt melodic work has won him plaudits and sizeable crowds.

Daniel's endeavours can be quite individual, always looking forward and trying new things, one year Daniel was known to discard digital recording techniques to record 'like the ol' blues players used to do on the porch down in Mississippi'; he recorded around 200 songs on a cheap tape player, the resulting album containing a photo of his time in China, sat on a throne in full Emperor's garb!

His style is inimitably his own, influenced by but distinct from Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Richard Thompson and Nick Drake. He has led a number of bands and collaborated with a variety of musicians, including stalwart of North Eastern folk music, Terry Dickinson of the Teesside Fettlers, as well as supporting up and coming Polly & The Billet Doux on tour. His songs are shining examples of classic song-writing, traditional balladry and social commentary, distinguished by his strong melodic sense and winning way with words.

Well received by audiences, critics and reviewers Daniel performs on the North East folk circuit and at festivals. He can summon a band packed with maverick talent and rhythmic dynamism if a little electricity is needed, or can simply trust his guitar and voice to conjure other worlds and illuminate this one.
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