Greenehouse Music

Cranberry Township, PA United States

Bio: Greenehouse Music began as a production company in 1990, where we produced several tracks on underground remix projects and independent releases. Soon after, we realized that starting our own imprint was the only way to our true sound out, and control our own destiny in the world of commercial and independent releases... Greenehouse Recordings was born, and we immediately began working on our first release.

As an independent label, the first Greenehouse Recordings release, a complication CD featuring several collaborations with artists and producers, was received with regional fanfare. Most importantly, our moderate success brought many opportunities to work with even more dynamic and talented people. As time went on, we realized that our true passion was bringing musical productions to life, and spreading our production imprint into new areas, genres and markets. Slowly the label Greenhouse Recordings was tucked away, and we launched full force as Greenehouse Music once again. This time around, we landed several deals with production companies, artists and labels, and began producing and writing for projects around the world.

The next phase of our evolution will be driven by new releases, new collaborations, and new genres of music. First up, an upcoming release by instrumental artist Blue Soul Ten. Check our Soundcloud page for samples of our past, present and future releases. We can't wait for you to hear more from Greenehouse Music.
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