ILL Pharaoh

Brooklyn, NY United States

Photo by Marissa Kaiser
Genres:Classical - Classical Chamber, Electronic - Lounge/Chillout, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Pop, Pop - Electronic, Specialty - Promo Music, Specialty - Cinematic, Latin - Reggaeton
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ILL Pharaoh

Bending the arrows of time to bring you the memories of tomorrow, ILL Pharaoh delivers to his followers the grooviest and illest sounds that root forward to the unknown future of dance music. Investing all of his love in each of his productions and performances, he feeds his people’s souls, enticing them to dance to the rhythm of life. Each step they make on the dancefloor is a step into their own future. A step into their new selves.

We meet our friend for the first time in Brooklyn, New York 2010. He states that he was born that same year – that he just faded into reality. Without any explanation but with one clear objective: “to reach into people’s souls & wake their inner light, allowing them to radiate into their full selves“. All this, he says, through the sounds and grooves of his own love reflected in the “House of God” and “Technology“. His spontaneous appearances can only be described by their witnesses as a “constant flowing energy that takes you riding on the edge of time“.


$tar Eye$ & ILL Pharaoh – Cry Baby
Trouble & Bass Records 2010

Sunsplash – Fiera De Vinil (Pharaoh’s Afterlife dub)
Djs Are Not Rockstars 2010

Dev79 – In Ya Face (Pharaoh Ft. Peach Remix)
Seclusiasis 2009

Ninjasonik – Internet Bitch (Pharoah’s 4×4 On The Floor Mix)
Flamin’ Hotz 2008
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