The Erotics

Albany, NY United States

Genres:Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, World - Spanish
Bio: With their sleazy antics of straightforward rock & roll, The Erotics bring forth their lyrical dealings of drinking, drugs, and all other arrays of political incorrectness. The Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders, and Alice Cooper are the primary inspirations of this band, as heard on their 1997 debut full-length 'Born to Destroy'.

October 2010, saw the release of 'Today The Devil, Tomorrow The World', by THE EROTICS, Produced by Don Fury(Agnostic Front, GG Allin,Helmet, Quicksand,& Warrior Soul) on the independent UK label, Trash*Pit Records/Big Zee Music......With more than 7 releases, & 10 US & European Tours under their belts over the past decade, and songs placed in many major TV networks, THE EROTICS have and will always deliver un-apologetic dirty rock n roll....
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