Kooler and Georgia

Darwen, Lancashire United Kingdom

Bio: An introduction to Koo°ler :

If you like original, contemporary, acoustic music ... read on

Koo°ler as a band has evolved slowly over time. Originally formed by Kevin Cookson (songwriter) who needed singer(s)/musicians to perform his material the band has steadily grown in numbers and stature over the last few years. Paul Craven was the first band member to arrive followed now by Wayne McDonald and Brian Kearton.

Oh! As a matter of interest the name Koo°ler came from the studio's air conditioning unit (nicknamed the cooler) that needs to be switched on at regular intervals to stop us from being boiled alive.

Although Kevin is the musical leader of the band when it comes to singing he readily admits his tone is a bit of a disaster. However his knowledge of singing, harmonies and the like is equal if not better than most and all the harmonies sung by the band are written by Kevin.

Currently Koo°ler are working on their third album and touring Northern England.

Kevin: "We still have a large number of songs (many CD's worth) to record and it is recording that's the problem. Even though we have our own studio it's getting enough time together in it to lay down tracks.

To make things worse the writing isn't slowing down; lots of people have said to me that you'll get writers block one day and to be honest in the past I've agreed with them, but every time I do a serious sit down to write a song I manage to get one or two out and generally songs that I'm proud of (although some do miss the mark)"

Kevin: "It needs to be said that the material is no good without the performers and I am very grateful to the lads for keeping the faith with Koo°ler"

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