Atlanta, GA United States

Genres:Kids/Quirky, Ambient Soundscapes, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Techno, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Electro, Electronic - Breakbeat, Electronic - Big Beat, Electronic - Ambient, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Pop - Electronic, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - Promo Music, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Horror/Suspense, Specialty - Fanfares, Rock - New Wave, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Based in Atlanta, Tettix is an electronic musician with 10+ years of compositions tucked into his belt. His styles range from pop music to a cappella to 8-bit video game-inspired songs.
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