Josh Eagle & The Harvest City

Cincinnati, OH United States

Show Your Teeth album cover
Genres:Folk, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Josh Eagle and The Harvest City are a community of four. Inspired by the days living alive and well and the honest music of then and now. This tight nit folkish/rock band of dreamers & winos is Jeremy Smart on lead guitar, Mark Becknell on drums, Tommy Cappel on bass, and Josh singing the song as well as playing rhythm guitar (with his harmonica always a song or two away). The Southern Ohio natives are the earnest, dutiful craftsmen that are rare to find these days, as all are from varied musical back rounds. In the month of May 2009, the foursome began recording their debut record Show Your Teeth. This extroverted and creative work is to be officially released, in the simple spring of March 2010.

Whereas Eagle’s debut Truthful Beginnings, was a solo effort, he found that the newly written songs that followed, were delivered through new dimension with the innovative band of brothers. “It is the same thing we have always done,” says the band, “but with us four we give each other opportunities to experiment and to open up that portal of endless possibility because of the varied musical upbringings.” Show Your Teeth goes from folk sincerity to rock and roll family. 12 songs that were written from the dirt in the tropics, to the City streets of their Queen City ….. The songs gift a taste that dates back to the uncomplicated rock records of the early 1970’s, an era in which Eagle's songwriting was largely influenced by. Show Your Teeth is a record of tight and breezy ballads, yet raw and intimate rock songs.

Eagle, whose music was recently tagged by All Access as “music (that) evokes memories of being home. His voice is smooth and expressive, passionately delivered with a little raspiness, and blends wonderfully with the acoustic guitar to form a lasting impression." Show Your Teeth is a supreme example of four artists that have grown to demonstrate no musical boundaries and proof also, that Eagle’s unique lyrical style is finding a strong presence in today’s ever-changing popular musical world.
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