runaway dorothy

Brooklyn, NY United States

Bio: It's been quite some time since a band like Runaway Dororthy has captivated ears frrom start to finish. Hailing from the foothills of North Carolina, Runaway Dorothy specialize in honesty through their songs while keeping it simple and delivering them with more heart than most musicians today. Tracks like "Takes A Lot of Love" and "Too Young", broadcast the aforementioned statement loud and clear.

Growing up in the South, Runaway Dorothy absorbed the sounds of country music and the folk songs of their parents, and time would expand their musical palate to include some of the great European/UK bands. The result is a unique combination of American songwriting set to a backdrop of European textures. If you didn't know any better you'd swear you've known them all your life. Their songs are your songs, and their stories are your stories. It's as if your best friend has put your life to music and is now singing it just for you.

The Arc, the bands debut full length album, is filled with heartfelt tunes through the melancholy voice of David Parnell. If you were to compare him with some other notable singers, it is easy to say he is a combination of the Dylan's [Bob and Jakob]. While some might scream at the comparison of Bob Dylan, David's voice is authentic and shows presence just like Bob.

These young North Carolina boys are on the right path to success and it's only a "matter of time" before music blogs start talking non-stop about them."
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