Skopje, Skopje Macedonia

Genres:Electronic - Lounge/Chillout, Electronic - Drum-n-Bass/Jungle, Electronic - Big Beat, Electronic - Ambient

Filter Presents the Best of 2013 Vol.1 (Filter compilation, 2013)
Tricky Three (Filter, 2013)
Filter Presents the Best of 2012 Vol.1 & 2 (Filter compilation, 2012)
Phantom (Filter, 2011)
System Check EP (Filter, 2011)
Filter Presents The Best Of 2011 Vol.1 (Filter compilation, 2011)
Asylum EP (Filter, 2010)
Fresh Paint EP (Filter, 2010)
Filter Presents The Best Of 2010 Vol.1 (Filter compilation, 2010)
Filter Presents The Best Of 2011 Vol.2 (Filter compilation, 2010)
Moments B4 (8 compilation, Third Ear, 2002)
Revolution Difficult (Indieground Vol.1 compilation, Recycle, 2001)
Crossbreedings (selfreleased album, 2000)
Broken Aesthetics (selfreleased album, 1999)


'The Matrix Revisited' (Warner Bros. USA 2001)
'Cherie' (dir. Jason Wen, UK 2005)
'A Portrait for Vladimir' (dir. Snezana Mladenovska, Macedonia 2003)


Djaikovski feat. TK Wonder - Hell Of A Road (Hell Of A Road EP, Filter)
Little Birds feat. Kelsey Warren - The Struggle Of Distance (The Struggle Of Distance EP, Filter)
Akasha FX - White Space (White space EP, Filter)
Cranes - Don't Wake Me Up (Submarine EP, Instinct USA)
Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (dubplate)
Sharee - Warrior (dubplate)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Oooh Baby (dubplate)


Fashion Backstage Pass (CNN, US)
Gadget Show (Channel 5, UK)
Over The Limit (TruTV, USA)
Rocco's Dinner Party (BRAVO, USA)
UFC Countdown (USA)
Phillip Morris (worldwide)
NBA (worldwide)
Food Network (worldwide)
Home&Gardening (worldwide) (worldwide)
OVO Multimedia Productions (UK)
North One TV (UK)
Diagonal View Ltd. (UK)
Discovery Communications (worldwide)
Zwinky (worldwide)
Current TV (worldwide)
Marc & Chantal Design (Hong Kong)
Hachette Filipacchi (USA)
Coca-Cola Top 20 radio show (Macedonia)
Camel Light Radio Show (Macedonia)
Munchmellow radio ad (Macedonia)
Standard Building Corporation (Kosovo)


Junior Buzz (UK Rumble), DJ Vlad (Breakneck, Sokolov), Empress (Skunkrock), Aphrodite (Urban Takeover), Wildchild (Wildstyle), Dieselboy (Human), Ed 209 (Mainframe), Tim Garbutt (Utah Saints), Temper D (Renegade Hardware), Invaderz (Metalheadz), Vicious Circle (Renegade Hardware)

Tripnotic aka Emil Hadji Panzov is one of the hardest working promoters of quality sounds in Macedonia. He is convinced that music should only be divided in two main categories - good and bad and that the music genre categories were invented by the major labels in order to sell their products more easily. Guided by his strong belief that music is art and not a product, he is doing whatever it takes to promote fresh, innovative and challenging sounds.

Emil was among the first to play the new intriguing sounds on Macedonian commercial radio stations, securing their exposure to a mainstream audience. Feeling the need to present the sound properly in a club environment, he decided to form the promoter crew AFD and started organizing parties in 1997. When the initial club fanbase was formed, it was finally time to invite prominent guests from the world scene. Through the last decade, AFD alone and with other crews promoted hundreds of resident parties, ocassionally spiced with guestings by the likes of Junior Buzz (UK Rumble), DJ Vlad (Breakneck, Sokolov), Empress (Skunkrock), Aphrodite (Urban Takeover), Wildchild (Wildstyle), Dieselboy (Human), etc. That was a signal for other promoters to organize drumn'bass and breaks parties themselves and an oportunity for DJ M-ILL to get booked to play alongside more of the top spinners on the scene, including Ed 209 (Mainframe), Tim Garbutt (Utah Saints), Temper D (Renegade Hardware), Invaderz (Metalheadz), Vicious Circle (Renegade Hardware). He always tries to present as many flavours as possible in his sets, hoping that there will be something for everyone and new followers will be charmed by the infectious sounds. The good word spreads fast and DJ M-ILL was invited to become a certified chart returning member of the worlds largest DJ association, DMC World.

Feeling it is not enough to spin records and wanting to express himself on a different level, Emil started producing his own music under the alias Tripnotic. Maintaining his rule-breaking image, there are no genre restrictions applying to his production efforts. But whether it is a banging drumn'bass tune, a driving breakbeat anthem or a head nodding trip-hop experiment, the high production quality is the bonding factor and the artistic sign of his material. The first two albums were self-released through the service in 1999 and 2001 and the online community helped attract more attention for Tripnotic's filmic sound. Around that time labels were asking to release some of his music. The song "Tripnofunk" was licensed for inclusion on Warner Bros.' best-selling DVD "The Matrix Revisited", "Revolution: Difficult" was included on Recycle's "Indieground Vol.1" compilation and "Moments B4" found its place on Third Ear's compilation "8". Tripnotic is also known for his remix work that sparks a different light on songs by some great musicians. His remix of "Don't Wake Me Up" by post-rock legends Cranes was released on their "Submarine" EP (Instinct Records USA) which ended up as number 24 on Billboard's maxi-single chart. Always up for artistically challenging colaborations, Tripnotic was involved in a few film projects, including "A Portrait for Vladimir" by Snezana Mladenovska and "Cherie" by Jason Wen.

As a continuation of his previous efforts, Emil started a new project called Filter in 2002. It began as a radio show and after two years transformed into a monthly magazine, followed by an electronic publication of the same name. In the beginning of 2007 we witnessed the birth of the label Filter, which will be an even stronger vehicle towards the final goal - domination of the good sounds.
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