Tone Benjaminz

Manchester, CT United States

Genres:HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Pop/Modern
Bio: Tone Benjaminz is an American rapper, record producer, writer, and turntablist. Also known by various monikers such as Stout, DJ Stoutamire (as part of former group Official Big League), Ill Shorty, Ill Stout, Chairman Plow and Winchesta Heat.

Tone gained recognition as a member of the CT based NEST Cliq, under the name Ill Shorty. Known best for his gritty, multisyllabic and aggressive lyrics, he quickly graced many mixtapes, including those of his friend and fellow producer, DJ Stress.

Tone later founded the Nuff Said Entertainment label in Hartford, CT. A maxi-single titled "Fantastik 4" was released under the group name Tha I.G.'s (with Jack Nickelz, Casino-Dialz and Maci Mas) to rave reviews, prompting the release of the compilation "1999 + Tax" in late 1999, and the solo effort "Unorthodox 2.0" (as Ill Stout) in early 2001.

In 2003, Tone (as DJ Stoutamire) joined with emcees Drifta and Justus to form O.B.L. (Official Big League). The newly minted group swiftly attracted the attention of indie label Urban Ikon. In 2004 the album "Dirt-Gravel-Grime" was released and distributed through Delvian Records. Soon after, the group disbanded and Tone took a hiatus from music altogether.

In 2007, having taken the name Tone Benjaminz in honor of his uncles he returned to making music. The mixtape "Stress, Faith, The Game & The Pen" was supposed to be a full length album and Tone's return, but a creative shift left the project shelved then ultimately released as a downloadable mixtape.

Tone released "Same Game, No Pressure" in August of 2009 digitally via Tunecore., and in November of 2011, released his first instrumental album, "needamoment", direct via his Bandcamp page. Tone is currently working on a followup to "needamoment", and other projects.
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