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Genres:Electronic - Pop, HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Pop/Modern, Pop - Electronic, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: Bio Brianna Colette
If you’re asking “Who the hell is Brianna Colette?”, she is one of the music
industry's rising stars and best kept secrets. An eclectic blend of French, black,
Italian, Spanish and Cherokee Indian, Brianna Colette Hardison has appeared in
print ads and commercials as a model and actress. Born and raised in Nashville,
Tennessee, and later in Northern Virginia, she was considered the black sheep -
a rebel without a cause and someone who loved to be the center of attention - in
a family that largely consisted of women. Whether it was dancing at family
functions, singing or cleverly positioning herself into every family photo, her sole
objective was to entertain people. After graduating from her Tennessee high
school, she moved back to Virgina to begin her quest for musical stardom. On
her 18th birthday, her friends celebrated the event by taking her to a nightclub in
Washington, D.C. It was her very first time at a club, and the outing gave her an
opportunity to meet “B-Boys”. Her curiosity about break-dancing ultimately led to
an introduction with some of the most noted break-dancers on the D.C. club
scene. The meeting proved to be a fateful one, as Brianna soon found herself
immersed in not just break-dancing, but in fashion, which she was passionate
about! As a result of her dancing group's enormous and expanding popularity,
they were asked to perform at a hip-hop fashion show at Howard University. After
capturing the eye of several show managers, Brianna was asked if she would like
to be in the fashion show, too. “I remember saying to myself, hell yeah I want to
be in the show,” said Brianna. “From that moment on, I realized that everything I
ever dreamed about could come true.” The sexy singer admits that she never
took no for an answer. EVER! “My mom always said I was hardheaded, and
looking back I probably was”, said Brianna with a laugh. “But being that way
opened the door to success on a number of levels for me.” Her prowess as a
dancer and model allowed her to easily segue into acting, which eventually gave
her the courage to write and perform her own music! While she cites Sade,
Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker, Diana Krall, Julie Andews, Shirley
Bassey, Barbara Streisand, Bjork, Prince, Goldfrapp, the Chemical Brothers,
Jamiroquai, Felix the House Cat and A Tribe Called Quest as some of her
musical influences, Brianna definitely has her own, unique style. Often described
as a jazzy, pop singer, her lyrics are original, catchy, intense and thoughtprovoking.
“The poet in me really comes through in my words and delivery,”
stated the singer. “With each song I perform, I want to transport my audience to a
place they've never been. It is a true blessing to be able to do that.”
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