Sin City Boys

toronto, ontario Canada

Sin City Boys
Genres:Country - Contemporary/Pop, Country - Classic, Country - Bluegrass, Country - Alternative, Rock - Surf, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Rockabilly
Bio: Take a generous serving of Gram Parsons, add a heap of Keith Richards, season with some Elvis Presley and a pinch of Hank Sr., blend it together with some real sounding guitars and vocals and you've got The Sin City Boys. They have been called "Country Thrash" by Now Magazine, and were described as sounding like "The Rolling Stones in a bad mood" by Lenny Stoute of The Toronto Star.

Featuring songwriter and vocalist Kevin Jollimore and guitarist Gerard Popma, The Sin City Boys have received excellent reviews for their live show, "They play a selection of strong, simple and effective songs that threaten to put the excitement back into barroom rock." according to Performer Magazine.

The band has released three CDs, Temptation Road, Double Production, and Los Muchachos De Pecado.. Their first CD, Temptation Road, met with excellent reviews and was called "one of the best releases of it's kind" by The Toronto Star.

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