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Meet GOLD HILL......Glenn Biehler, Ruthie Brock, Neil Nissing and Dale Wagner
Genres:Folk, Country - Contemporary/Pop, Country - Classic, Country - Bluegrass, Country - Alternative, Specialty - Americana/Western, Rock - Roots Rock, World - Celtic, Blues - Electric, Blues - Acoustic
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We would like to introduce ourselves………..
After more than twenty years of writing and playing music together, GOLD HILL is more than just a band. You can hear it in our original songs as they meander through the Folk genre, dipping their toe in Pop, Bluegrass, Country, Rock, and a little Boogie Woogie along the way! Our bluegrass instrumentation is only a “smoke screen” for the smorgasbord of acoustic arrangements GOLD HILL is serving up!
Our first self-titled album, Gold Hill, was released in 2000 and includes 16 songs that grabbed the attention of OneMusic in Nashville and also Crucial Music here in Los Angeles, resulting in them all being signed for television and motion picture use. Our first cut on this CD, “Faint of Heart” received airplay on the GAC Cable Network show “Grand Ol’ Opry Live!”. Another album cut, “Wild Wind” appears on an Oasis Acoustic Sampler CD and has yielded requests for our entire CD for radio play.
Hands Down, released in 2004, is our second studio effort. It includes 14 original songs that we feel really reflect our passion for arranging and producing unique material that define our idea of what great music should be. The first cut, “Who Who Who” was also signed to Crucial Music last year with it’s “Django-esque” guitar and mandolin duel grabbing center stage. And it’s only a taste of what GOLD HILL delivers with our band members Glenn Biehler, Ruthie Brock, Neil Nissing and Dale Wagner working hard to drive the music home for your listening pleasure.
GOLD HILL makes unique music our way…..simply because we can.
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