San Bruno, CA United States

Bio: A talented producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, MC and singer, Lune’s intense lyrics and his production skills have certainly elevated him to a new level of success. After recently opening for T.I. & Souljah Boy in Rochester NY (Dec. 13, 2008), Lunacie has kept busy putting the final touches on his sophomore album “Tha Venum”, while also producing Rame’s solo album “Can I Do Me?” and teaming up with Rame to release the duo’s first album together, “Dark & Lyht”. Lune’s soulful method to hip-hop using live instrumentation, instead of sample based tracks, to create a record that integrates Hip-Hop, RNB, & Soul accompanied by smooth, truthful, sometimes rough, rhymes. The saga continues with Tha Venum and Dark &Lyht, featuring more musical ingenious, catchy hooks, and lyrical maturity.
The doors have opened and created a number of opportunities from iTunes HBCU Back To School Fall 2008 Promo which included the track “U Wanna Go” to TV placements on Wired Science (PBS), Scott Baio is 45 and Single (MTV), 40 Greatest Pranks 2 (VH1), Fastlane DVD (Warner Bros.) and a Telecommunications Commercial in Greece. With titles like “Hellava Night”, “Anxious” from the Dark & Lyht album & “Come On” from Tha Venum album already receiving airplay, the musical arsenal is one that will make 2009 a big year for Lunacie. His distinctive vocal deliveries are now fully mature, with a recognizably rhythmic bounce but loads more technique than their territorial peers. Lune’s flows are getting more tongue-twistingly complex, while his production skills are still highly influenced by Soul. He still stays in the studio overnight running in and out of the booth recording himself onto ProTools…“it’s funny to watch…but at the same time, once you hear what he lays down, it’s amazing to witness.”
When asked how he feels about his music, Lune says, “In a word,…Necessary…in more than a word,…beautiful power being delivered so intelligently it’s often misconstrued as having offensive undertones, (ha ha ha).” As he puts it, “As soon as you think you’re on my level, I’ll step it up,…..Don’t Underestimate Me !!!”
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