Emile Menasche

Mahopac, NY United States

Genres:Folk, Ska, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop , Blues - Electric, Latin - Rock
Bio: “Menasché is a writer who has done music for films, and this is a beautiful set of acoustic music that evokes many moods, most of them quiet. Musically, there’s a mix of Latin, jazz and folk that works wonderfully with Menasché’s mastery of the guitar. It’s simple and comforting music in a day when it’s needed.”—John Heidt, Vintage Guitar, December, 2009.

Whether working solo or with his bands Speak the Language or Blue Planet, Menasche is a versatile, fluid composer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer.

He brings a sense of immediacy to the screen on projects such as the documentaries American Farm, Our Island Home, and God's Open Hand; the feature film Parallel Sons; and numerous educational and short films.
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