Amir Khan

Coppell, TX United States

Bio: I have been playing music since 6th grade playing cornet in school brass band. Developed interest in keyboard and started fiddling around at 12 & by 17 had my own band which performed regularly. Afterwards I started concentrating on composition and arrangements.

By mid 20s I was busy recording albums for young pop artist in mushrooming Karachi music industry (born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, lived in Manila, Philippines, migrated to U.S in 1998). I released my 1st solo instrumental album "Space Dimensions" in 1990 from EMI (Pakistan) Ltd. For next couple of years did a lot of session work for busy artists working on dozens of albums. Also did a decent amount of work for Pakistan Television and just starting, independent tv stations. My work for Pakistan Television included composition, arrangement and performance for music programs, sound track for soap operas etc.

I also had the honor of being the first (and only Asian) World View section reporter for the famed Keyboard magazine.

My main musical instrument is the keyboard, but have good understanding of variety of different instruments. I have excellent understanding of Indian classical music and have completed a 1-year classical training in sitar and tabla. I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master's in business administration.

Recently, I was invited by Far East Peach, an independent Japanese label, to contribute "Sacred Mantara" for their upcoming album.

My new company website:

Some of my new music is available for download from my official site:

Space Dimensions is now available on iTunes, &
Latest single release "Sacred Mantara - Remix" now out on Round and Round album from Far East Peach (Japan)

NEWS: Sacred Mantara - Remix featured on JogTunes Podcast#25 -
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