Solomon Keal

Lenhartsville, PA United States

Solomon Keal
Genres:New Age, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions
Bio: Solomon Keal is a solo piano artist from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. He composes peaceful solo piano music. His New Age, or Neo Classical, or Neo Romantic music reminds us of the folk piano style of George Winston.

In 1998 he released his first album of solo piano music entitled "Thoughts and Affections." In 2000, he released his second album, "Heritage." In 2005, he recorded an album of his own solo piano arrangements of Christmas songs, entitled "Advent." In 2006 he released his fourth solo piano album, "Peace of Heaven." In 2007 Solomon composed original music for the soundtrack to a documentary about Glencairn Museum entitled "Embracing the Sacred." In 2009 he released an album of Christian Love Songs, written and performed by Solomon and his wife Tirah.

Future albums will include a flute and piano album, and a solo piano blues and jazz album.

Solomon Keal's peaceful solo piano music is featured on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, and Pandora.
His music is available from CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.

Solomon Keal composes music that is inspiring, emotional and reflective. This music will ease you into the day as you sip your morning coffee, and it will soothe your soul as you relax at night. It explores the ups and downs of human life. Every piece will touch some aspect of your life as it carries you into a more peaceful state of mind. Solomon’s music is the perfect choice for worship, meditation or massage. It creates the right atmosphere for an elegant candle-lit dinner, or for curling up in front of a warm crackling fire. Put on one of his CDs to help you focus while studying, or doing yoga; or even to help you sleep at night.
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