Madman the Greatest

Birmingham, West Midlands GB

Madman the Greatest
Bio: Music Producer / Recordings Artist / Beat Maker / Video Editor

General Information:

First born to a West Indian mother and a son to a Jamaican father, Madman the Greatest (definition “A King in his own world”) is one of Birmingham’s most unique recording artist. Well known for his flamboyance in beat creation and sheer confidence as a rapper, his style combined every style imaginable to create a very distinctive sound that from the moment you hear it, you know it’s his. From hip hop, rnb to pop and classical, his consistence continues to amaze those who are privilege to hear or see his performances which are so electric, it could light a whole city.

Often a subject of discussion, his name has become not only highly rated but highly influential amongst his musical peers. Holding all responsibility for his expanding career, he has a lot to be proud of. From moments of supporting artist like Estelle, Kelly Llorena & Dj QBert to establishing a continuous growing fanbase across the globe, he has taken himself from the bottom of the league table to become a respected producer in his field. Symbolising the label with a baby logo, he explain that this is a representation of a brand new life in music.

From self produced recording collections, dubplated compliations and rearranged refixes, he pushes his creative boundaries to unknown limits as he drives to find new ways of creating. Trademark sounds includes Orchestral stabs, heavy sub basslines, synths, moogs and angelic choirs which can be commonly found through most of his recordings. Concentrating on playing instruments, he put responsibility on his once was music tutor, Mr Ted Bunting who encouraged him to play.

If asked, he would openly admit that his writing was always overshadowed by his compositions simply due to the amount of time he spent perfecting his craft. To overcome his barriers, he began studying again, taking on the subjects of English & Law. Still studying today, he hopes that he may one day achieve solicitors status. He feels that a change of direction was needed to fulfil his artistic curiosity and easily go beyond his unknown capabilities.

Strong as an individual, he drives to build an empire with the most solid foundation as possible. From the pre production stages of recording to it’s finalisation, he holds that responsibility and has become a heavyweight in his class. Described by many as a man in a league of his own, GR8-1 Studio is his self confessed comfort zone where he spends most of his spare time understanding his equipment and sound. Though he doesn’t posses the main articles of equipment that make up a decent recording studio, he studied the science of sound to achieve his trademark quality that has put many producers and engineers under serious pressure.

With multiple personalities, there is only one thing on his mind. WORLD DOMINATION.

Summary CV

- First production album “The Birth” sold 300,000 copies in Japan (1998)
- 13th place as Best Unsigned Artist at MOBO Awards (1998 & 1999)
- Finalist at Fly, Fresh & Phat competition judged by Pete Waterman (1999)
- First UK release “Take over the World” (2000)
- Supported Phi Life Cipher at the Canal Club, Wolverhampton (2001)
- Produced album for Cecil Foster, Stars in your eyes finalist as Luther Vandross entitled About time(2002)
- Video Airplay of “Get your hands up” single on Channel U (2003)
- Release “Hardkaur Diss No II: The Facts” became Top 10 hit on underground stations (2003)
- Supported Estelle & Kelly Llorena at Club Deep, Dudley (2004)
- Performace at Godiva festival (2007)
- Cecil Fosters “If she could be mine” & Madman the greatest “Get it right” played on Galaxy Network (2006/2007)
- Accumilated over 50,000 downloads within 6 months (Mininova) (2008)
- Main artist at Drop Beats Not Bombs (2008)
- Crowned #70 most veiwed musician on (2008)
- Resident Mc at Scratch Club, Birmingham (2008)
- Performance at Soweto Kinch’s Live Box (2008)
- Performance at Artsfest. (2008)
- Support act for Dj QBert at Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham. (2008)
- Performance at Artsfest, Victoria Stage, Birmingham (2009)
- Lady Gaga - Lovegame remix reaches 25,000 downloads (2009)
- Performance at No8 Chambers Barristers Christmas Party, Hotel Du Vin (2009)

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