Glued For Thought

Brooklyn, NY United States

"All You Can Eat" album cover 2007
Bio: Fearless poet/performance artist and award-winning film director Brian Cange is a keen observer of human behavior and tireless explorer of the bizarre, the wild and the shocking.

Through his demented psyche, we are introduced to a surreal world in which life in all its odd, outrageous glory is made manifest--the pathos of glazed poultry, the indentured servitude of an Indian house boy, and the trials of noshing on putrified Dairy Queen® cowmeat in suburban purgatory.

But make no mistake. These are not sober political commentaries. But rather a juicy backdrop for one's own chemically motivated explorations.

Enhancing Mr.Cange's warped lens with his trippy moodscapes, gritty guitars and nerdy studio tinkerings, sound sculptor JD Dallam helps capture the mood for each of Mr.Cange's spoken word vignettes.

From trip-hop to swamp-blues to Bay City Roller-inspired crotch rock, JD delivers the goods.

So the next time you set sail to never neverland, be sure to keep this trove of observations in your ship's cargo.

So when he's not producing films like Mad Hot Ballroom, Brian David Cange makes cinematic joke pop with fellow deviant John Dallam and a revolving cast of several. GFT crawls the crooked line between high and low art - and often tumbles right off of it in a fit of giggles.

Bon voyage, mes bon fumé!
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