Gavinton, Berwickshire GB

Genres:New Age, Production - Electronica, Electronic - Lounge/Chillout, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Dubstep, Electronic - Big Beat, HipHop - Old School, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Free/Avant-Garde, Pop - Electronic, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Production - Electronica, Specialty - Cinematic, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock, World - Ethnic Electronica
Bio: As a highly diverse writer and producer Scambler released "Too 'king funky" (rap, retro break beat, old school big beat and rocktronica) and "For every action" (acoustic guitar, piano, folk and soft rock) on 10/10/10 through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and numerous other download stores. Songs from his incredibly varied catalogue are also available to license through, Pump Audio and Getty Images in New York and Konsonant in California. However, It all started with a rather obscure introduction to computers and music. Visit to find out more...
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