Jesse Rhodes

Santa Barbara, CA United States

Bio: Hi, I'm Jesse. I was in the band Stegosaurus at the tail end of the last century. We recorded an album up in Seattle for Warner Brothers with Soundgarden's producer (their drummer Matt Cameron played percussion), and Led Zeppelin's mixer (Andy Johns) and toured a bit. When our song was playing on the radio, we opened for Toad the Wet Sprocket, Weezer, even Megadeth once, odd pairing (but fun show). We sold records in over 20 countries and they liked the song "Trees" in Greece.
Since then I've been making soundtrack music for TV and Films and playing acoustic shows. I released a solo record in 2008 called "Wanderland". I've recently played with Glen Phillips, Jack Johnson, Grant Lee Phillips and a number of other good talented people. I like wilderness, movies, and writing songs. Thanks for stopping by.
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