John Judd

Monroe, CT United States

John Judd
Genres:Folk, Kids/Quirky, Easy Listening, Production - Electronica, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - Breakbeat, Production - Hip Hop, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Production - Pop, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Underscores, Specialty - Trailer Music, Specialty - Sports, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Production - Rock, Specialty - Promo Music, Production - Pop, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Production - Hip Hop, Production - Electronica, Specialty - Comedy, Specialty - Christmas/Holiday, Specialty - Advertising, Specialty - Action/Adventure, Production - Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: John Judd is known for his commitment to excellence in sound quality, composition strength, and emotional impact through music. His high-end audio content is featured in TV, radio, internet ads, websites, new product branding, and software applications. John specializes in music that will give forward motion to any video or audio project in a variety of genres, including Motivational Rock, Soundalikes, Orchestral, Orchestral/Electronica hybrids, and Reality TV cues.
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