Genres:Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: "I like two bands: The Cure and INTERCEPT."
-Louis Johnson, the Brothers Johnson

Intercept is currently compiling a tour in support of their brand new album, "Magnolia Road."

Intercept has truly been picking up steam. A California favorite, fans have been lining up from Sacramento to San Diego to hear Intercept at venues like the Roxy on Sunset, the House of Blues (mainstage San Diego and L.A.), the Viper Room, the Hard Rock at Universal Studios, and multiple festival dates. They were most recently the winners of the DIY Convention 2008 in Los Angeles.

Their debut LP, "Yellow Dog," out for a little over two years, opened a number of doors for the group. Their singles are frequently featured on MTV and they are partnered with manga-giant TOKYOPOP. Last year the LP was also featured in media bags at the Sundance Film Festival, and their recent release has been featured at a number of insider-industry events in Hollywood. The band has interviewed for such websites as Musicplustv, Metv, and Flashrock, and their music can be downloaded from a number of sites, including iTunes and Pandora.

Intercept's plan is to build an actual business, to employ people and make sure everyone is making a good living by helping to support and distribute the music. By bringing focus and drive to that dream, and by making the time to keep things fun, they've actually begun to incorporate some people into their vision.

The band's website was also recently re-launched following a massive overhaul and redesign.

With all the pieces finally in place, INTERCEPT is one of the fastest growing bands in the US, and definitely the one to watch in 2008.

Christian Knudsen, rhythm guitar and vocals;
Jeff Knudsen, lead guitar;
Phil Romo, bass;
Jason Weiner, drums

Singles: Home, (featured on MTV's "The Challenge", "The Real Word," "The Inferno" and others); Beautiful One (featured on MTV's "The Challenge); On the Way, (featured on MTV's "The Real World", appearing on NMW national compilation)

Full length: Magnolia Road - 12 tracks

LP: "Yellow Dog" - 8 tracks

EP: Self-titled (FLATHEAD moniker) 6 tracks

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