Forest Hills, NY United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - New Wave, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: As the lines between electronica and indie rock are becoming increasingly blurred, a new generation of recording artists are emerging. Neither exclusively organic nor entirely electronic, these artists are redefining the parameters of modern music. Stereojax aka James Mazlen and Phil Vassil, find themselves at the helm of this burgeoning movement. Stereojax have crafted a unique aesthetic out of experimentation with both live and electronic elements, oozing with texture, presenting their debut EP release “Innocent.”

Mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer (Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Muse), “Innocent” is an honest and creative blend of slick rhythms, captivating synths, melodic vocals, and stylish guitars. Their song "Innocent" was featured in the Atari video game Test Drive Unlimited 2, alongside other ground breaking artists such as Phoenix, Metric, and Deadmau5. Unafraid to take artistic chances, Stereojax have created an EP of quirky, warm and highly original indie electronica for the modern listeners discerning ear. Each track brings a breath of fresh air, and without warning will leave you yearning for more.

Mazlen and Vassil became friends after forming a band, where they were quickly signed to V2 Records. After touring the world relentlessly and a wealth of music wedged under their belts, they’ve returned to the drawing board, armed with a new sound (being influenced by the likes of Kraftwork, Tangerine Dream, LCD Soundsystem, and MGMT) and a new image as Stereojax.

What happens when you give the artists influencing young bands today a chance to be influenced in turn by those same bands? A new sound of uplifting electronic hooks with stadium-filling melodies. Experience can never be underrated, especially in an age when blogs blow through young bands faster than anyone can keep track of. Mazlen and Vassil have enough life experience to craft the kind of lyrics that are universal, but feel like they're talking only about you. Those kinds of songs that you blast driving around with your friends at 12AM on a Saturday night. Those kinds of songs that you fall in love to on the dance floor. Think electronic bliss, in a word - Stereojax.
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