Bobbie De Leon

Keizer, OR United States

photo by Jessica Barber
Bio: Bobbie Adair is a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma with a passion and heart to bring healing to a hurting world.

She has traveled all over the nation performing at places ranging from prisons, youth shelters and churches to local festivals and events... such as “Celebrate Hope” in Texas which honors the families of those overcoming drug and alcohol addiction and more.

She has two albums currently released the first “Do You Know” ( a five song EP) from which songs like “Do You Know” and “Can I be me” came and topped WDR Radio and Spirit Radio charts at #3 and #16.

Her second album “End Of Me” (a 13 song full length album) from which songs like “Dear Journal” and “The real me” came charting on WDR Radio and Spirit radio charts at #8 and #18 and they continue to go up in charts.

She has performed in many competitions such as The do good music competition in which she placed in the top 100 nationwide under the direction of Mr. Paul Mabrey (Music Professor Tulsa Community College).

She is currently working on her latest CD project with producer David John (ORU professor/producer for David John Inc.). The new album promises a deeper, more honest and creative feel than anything Bobbie has ever done! With a change to Singer/Songwriter style and a fresh new lyrical direction.

Bobbie feels the most powerful thing in the world is love and the more people realize they are not alone that someone cares about them, that someone loves them, the more empowered they will be to change their world for the better.
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