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Live in NYC
Bio: JUSTLANDED - A Multimedia Performance Group, which brings together music, dance and theater into one amazingly visual cosmic spectacle. Just Cosmic Rock'n'Roll!

JustLanded are here to celebrate the 50th plus anniversary of planet Earth Rock'n'Roll - the music that changed the World! The group "just landed" in New York City some time ago. Since then JustLanded have performed in New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Cracow. The JustLanded "The Time is Now!"CD and "Just Cosmic Rock'n'Roll!" DVD reflect the great cosmic energies that have always prevailed on our planet - the energies of Light, Fun and Joy. JustLanded are just reflections of our multidimensional consciousness. They are not aliens, but the human beings who discovered their cosmic heritage.

JustLanded support organic farming and environmental awareness. "Just Google organic - become ultrasonic, what can be better than natural tonic?" is their new single "Just Google It". ''Story About Nothing" is a song, which makes you dance and sing along:)

JustLanded use solar batteries to power their equipment!

JustLanded Multimedia Show has the elements of all sorts of theater styles: Kabuki musical, Chinese opera, comedy, avant-garde, surrealism, happening, modern dance & street performance. This amazing visual extravaganza is combined with the mixture of Electronic, Acoustic and Live Rock Music.

Multisided melodies take you from the relaxing techno-reggae of "JustLanded in Times Square", with its unique interactive video, to the energizing electro clash of "The Time is Now". Then the glimpse of explosive Rock magic in "Live in New York City" and back to relaxation again with beautifully romantic acoustic songs and hypnotic projections. JustLanded welcome the audiences from around the world to experiment with their clothes and appearance, expressing themselves artistically during JustLanded performances.

Just Dress Up...And the Rest will Follow.

What people have to say about JustLanded:

"Futuristic Fellinis" "So Beautiful, so Bizarre" "The Best Show I ever Saw!" "What a Great Set!" "Cosmic Dalis" "Don't Invade!!!" "How big are your eyes?" "Silver Freaks" "Take me to Mars!" "Can I go with You???"
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