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Calgary, Alberta Canada

Genres:Ambient Soundscapes, Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Big Beat
Bio: Keith Korsgaard has composed original music for numerous videos and independent films. Keiths music has recently been used on: Discovery Channel - Critical Hour, 2005, Oprah - Worlds Biggest Baby Shower, 2004, A&E Biography - Christina Onassis, 2004, Wired, local entertainment magazine show for A-Channel Television 2003, Wind Electric, video, Endurance Designs Inc, 2003, Just Being Field, documentary, Rosted Productions/ Field Recreation Advisory Association, 2002, and Min Rejse Til Canada, (My Travel to Canada), documentary, Andriuk/Korsgaard Productions, 2002. Other projects include, Dark Matter, trailer-television pilot, Rosted Productions 2001, News at Six special feature A-Channel Television, 1999, Street Angels, award winning documentary, Best of the Northwest Festival, 1999, Wandering Souls, award winning documentary, Best of the Northwest Festival, 1998, and Shadow Dance, documentary, 1998. Keiths soundtrack and sound design for Alien Transmissions, was chosen for selection for the 1997 Independent Film and Video Festival in Montreal. "Even though I use a lot of technology, I still like to make it sound as organic as possible. I view myself as a musician that thinks like a film maker, thinking visually as to what the music I create suggests, and how it would apply to a story or film"

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