Alex Choub

Copenhagen, N Denmark

Genres:Ambient Soundscapes, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Ambient, Specialty - Cinematic
Bio: ...and World/ Fusion /Acid Jazz, Film & Theater music.

Alex Chob - Composer and producer, performing musician with electric 6 string bass "touch style" technique, leader of bands Bassworks and Palm Tree.

In Danish music magazine “Djembe” N. 47 Alex’ music described as “Bigger than World music”, “Jazzkiller”

Alex Choub ...born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Siberia. He grew up in the city area and began playing piano at 6 yrs old. Alex started playing bass at age of 14 and main influences were Jaco, Stanly Clark, Mark King, Tony Levin , other bass heroes, Rakhmaninov, Ciurlionis, Prokofjev & travels in East/West..

He then attended the School of Music in Krasnoyarsk, and played in the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic. By the end 1980s he had become well-known among fans of Russian Heavy Rock music- thanks to his participation in Amalgama, heavy-punk band - through the 80's he played bass on many albums.
In ´90s Alex moved to Moscow, joined a band called Attack, and soon after, he began working as a session musician and other diverse projects, groups and records.

Two years after Alex went to Copenhagen to join the band "Disorder". The band, which did some very special music, broke up after a year, and Alex stayed in Copenhagen, where he still lives. Asked to do a solo spot at a festival in Dianalund in 1996 and then Copenhagen Musik Messe in 1998 endorsing Trace Elliot amps and wanting to something new, he began experimenting with new instruments.
The experiment became a project, and the more he played it for people, the more people wanted to hear it.

Through the years Alex has played live, toured or recorded with quite a few artists including:
Debbie Cameron, Vladimir Chekasin, Luther Thomas, Soyka, VfSix, Peter Mossman, Secret Cinema and Bo Stief, Al Agami, Anders Honoré, Santana musicians in California (Jorge Perez Molina, LJ)

Alex released 6 records and participated in 2 other records as a musician and composer.
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