LEEDS, West Yorkshire United Kingdom

Bio: MUNKIE is the alter-ago of a highly professional and talented, Leeds based, Producer and Musician, Jason Clark. He creates music that is a sonic art-form containing many elements of lucious layered instruments to stir the emotions and
engage the mind. This truly original downtempo / melodic electronica style music has been described as a long chilled drink containing elements of Electro, Funk, New Wave, Psychadelia and Ska with World music to add the flavour.

“Lush, downtempo electro-pop tracks from MUNKIE, with Kate Peters delivering some strong vocals. One thing for sure, you can be under no illusions as to the depth of MUNKIEs (aka Jason Clark) talent. Highly accomplished understanding of production and songwriting. There is enormous potential here” Danny Turner - Barcode Magazine

Jason and Kate met at the Leeds College of Music where they were both studying. Jason has an extensive background in music production and composition having been a professional DJ and creating remixes for various labels. This includes the Media Records back catalogue. Other remixes include Beck -Mixed Bizness, Tweaker - Microsized Boy, Baldwin Brothers - Dream Girl, Liberty-X - Just a Little Bit, Lo-Fi Allstars - Somebody Needs You and Fila Brazillia - DNA to name a few. MUNKIE was formed from a recording session in a Leeds studio, where Jason was producing a track and Kate was the singer. Kate, being an accomplished vocalist added depth, sex and sass to the tracks, which gave them an extra dimension. She has extensive previous experience with performing in covers bands, providing top-line vocals and teaching.
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