Stephen Peppos

Moyock, NC United States

Bio: At the age of 5, Stephen had two passions; baseball & the desire to play drums. Stephen’s mom, Ann, decided to purchase him a spinet piano instead of the drum set he really wanted, and today, Stephen is grateful to his mom for that decision! By age 6, he learned to play every note of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Ball’s of Fire” and his passion for music grew. As a child, watching the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan TV Show inspired Stephen to make music his life’s ambition. Jazz music
and recording fascinated him in his teen years, and he set up a recording studio in his parent’s garage where he wrote and recorded original music. He frequented jazz clubs in Norfolk, VA to hear his local piano hero, Joe Jones, perform. Stephen has paid his dues playing guitar & keyboards in popular cover bands in the Va. Beach, VA resort area and in other eastcoast clubs.

Stephen has produced over 2000 tracks for his original music libraries, composed national TV jingles, & worked with some of the best music library companies in the world. His music has been used in productions for CSI Miami, MTV, Reba, Survivor, 20/20, Access Hollywood, 7th Heaven, Most Wanted, 700 Club, Everybody Loves Raymond, 48 Hours, What Not To Wear, The Gilmore Girls, E-Networks and many others. He also composed & produced themes for the popular Christian cartoon shows Superbook & Flying House. His music has won 6 Telly & Rim Awards.

Comments about Stephen's music have been, "I'm floored" . . . "Beautiful, enchanting, exhilarating" . . . “Emotive, fresh and original. Love it!” . . "A must listen!". . . “Your music is sooo addictive!”

His VERTIGO album debuted at #3 on the New Age Reporter TOP 100 CHARTS in February of 08. FOLLOW THE MIST is Stephen's 2nd 08 release in August.

REVIEWER Kathy Parsons with commented:
"Follow The Mist should firmly establish Stephen Peppos in the upper echelons of contemporary instrumental music!"
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