tre moneybaggs

memphis, TN United States

Bio: Dropdown Records ,started by Tre Moneybaggs is a subdivision of Dropdown Films. Born in Memphis ,Tn his father was a writer and artist on the historic Stax Records writng Do the Sweetback and Beaking Up Somebody's Home.Family friend Larry Lee plays guitar on three of Pimping Aint Dead tracks. Lee played with greats Al Green and Jimmi Hendrix.Tre stared as a DJ in local nightclubs on the famous Beale Street in Memphis.He then was DJ for rap group Above All in mid-90's. Torn between his love for sports and music, he decided to go to college and play basketball. After a long hiatus from music he enrolled in film school in New York. There he ended up directing DVD and Music videos for Roc-a-Fella Records and Diplomat Records. His latest film , a Hip-hop documentary, entitled Pimpin Aint Dead, was an indie sucsess selling around 40,000 units. The film has a soundtrack to it that has never been released(until now). A mix of live Blues, R&B and Hip-Hop
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