Randy Dzielak

Hendersonville, NC United States

Bio: Randy Dzielak (zee-lack) has been around. From garbage man to carni, from candlemaker to soundman, he has seen his share of things but one thing has remained constant in his life - the need to play music, every single day, faithfully and happily.

While living in New York, he joined Dogma, a rock band out of Brooklyn signed to Mercury Records as a songwriter/lead guitarist. After 5 years, 2 albums and touring the U.S. he decided to leave Dogma to explore a less heavy, more acoustic driven solo direction. He had begun to experiment with such instruments as the Banjo, Dobro and Mandolin, which would give his solo work a unique twist of modern rock mixed with a country/folk sound. His country side was further influenced when he traveled to Nashville to play as a hired gun at the Ryman Theatre for Brooks & Dunn. Having recorded with such producers as Steve Thompson (Guns & Roses, Metallica) and Jason Cosaro (Sound Garden), Randy now had the skills to record and submit his music for Film and Television. He was soon signed to Lazybones Recordings as a songwriter for his Americana, Bluegrass & Country genre. His songs continually earn placements in Film - Jane Austen Book Club (trailer), A Thousand Cuts, on TV networks such as MTV, Comedy Central & NBC, and with advertising companies such as Star Bucks & Wal-mart.
Randy Dzielak can best be described as Ryan Adams meets the Dixie Chicks with a touch of acoustic Led Zeppelin.

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