Sanford Arms

Shoreline, WA United States

Sanford Arms
Bio: Seattle band Sanford Arms' proficient is Ben London, formerly of post-punk band Alcohol Funnycar. With this, his 1998 incarnation, he downplays the aggressive guitar work, keeping the discord to a contained minimum. Bandmembers Rob Witmer (accordion, keyboards), Harris Thurmond (guitar), Jeff Wood (bass), and Rob Dent (drums) contribute understated rhythm and steadily blandishing interplay.

After far too long in hiding, former Alcohol Funnycar frontman Ben London returns with a devastatingly world-weary collection of songs…London's exceptional eye for how people lose their direction provides comfort for the wasted days, and the morning after. -- Adam Lauridesn- Devil in the Woods

Former Alcohol Funnycar leader fills a Flaming Lips-sized void Somewhere in Oklahoma. - -- Lorne Behrman- Alternative Press

Former Alcohol Funnycar leader London possesses a downy voice and a wounded delivery that convey early-morning reckonings and late-night comforts. The dozen songs are lushly crafted with idiosyncratic touches, playing as a remorse-laden song cycle with a clear-eyed observance that keeps the emotions in check. – Nate Lippens – No Depression

Your favorite track will change every time you hear it – Nigel Williamson – Uncut

Lead singer Ben London, who writes all the music, exposes listeners to a lush and ethereal wonderland of sounds tinged with the delicate indie sensitivity of the Stone Roses, the watery sounds of Luna, and the acoustic brilliance of The Connells. I shit you not -- this band will be the counter-option to The Strokes within one year. - Rahul Gairola – Pop Matters

London is the sole songwriter on the album, and his songs are continually smarter than just about anything else that's out there. The lyrics actually feel like you haven't heard them a million times before, and he continually hones in on sharp imagery. – Adam McKibbon – Entertainment Today

Mark Lanegan seduced by the sequencer instead of whiskey and cigarettes. Neil Weiss – Miles of Music

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