The Michael Ray Cain Reckoning

Zion, IL United States

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Genres:Folk, Country - Alternative, Rock - Surf
Bio: Band Members: michael ray cain - vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion (also keyboards/bass), mick morrison - guitars, ian west - keyboards, chookie rodriguez - bass, eddie white III - drums

Influences: many mystics and madmen (and madwomen)....various herbs and hallucinogens....mexican mojo risin'....
Sounds Like: wolves fucking....angels falling....gods laughing and hurling their empty beer bottles against mountainsides....

JujuBone says: "philisophical rock/slang/twang/fang and poontang...wicked and loving...not for pussies."

David Kulczyk (Sacramento), Maximum Ink Music Magazine: "...amazingly brilliant...Cain takes every good song he's ever heard and interprets it into his own sound."

Jeffrey Jones, WOJB-FM 88.9: "..resonates a call-out to the primal Archetypes to show themselves, and dance and party their asses off."

Dan Pavelich, Kenosha News: " hell of a scary road-trip."

Mike O'Cull, Illinois Entertainer: "Cain is interesting and unique in a rough-hewn way..."

Blaine Schultz, Scene Newspaper: "Tunes that conjure up late night drives across the desert and converstations with a bottle of tequila. Gritty and to-the-point. Cain's writing is not for the faint-hearted, but worth the investment."

Record Label Del Ray Records
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