The Melody Stuart Project

WPB, FL United States

The Melody Stuart Project - Various Artists
Genres:Gospel/Religious, Pop - Teen
Bio: I have been writing music for over 30 years but didnt get really serious until 1994. I learned how to record on a 4 track hey remember those? I started doing gigs and traveling and touring and you know the story. Met up with a few "winners" had some bands but nothing clicked until I met my former bass player and former student Felicia. We started a band called the Jezebels we composed 2 Cd's and were popular at the time. But of course you gotta make a buck. I started teaching music while continuing write record and tour. Got pooped so we both decided to take a break and pretty much went our separate ways in 2001. We still are friends. After that I toured a little and continued to write. In 2003 I opened up my own music store for lessons, recording studio etc.... I also formed the band "Odd Man Out" a very successful boy punk/alternative band. The youngest 12 the oldest 14.They were like the Beatles. Amazing song writers so amazing they were on the Regis Show and gigged at CBGBs right before they closed. Managed them for 4 years.Now all grown up
After that I wrote music with other young talents. We wrote a bunch of songs that you can listen to for more music.

I worked with Amelia Profaci at the time she worked with me she was 11 years old what a great voice. Did a lot of shows in So. Florida until she moved back up to NY. She was invited to perform at the Apollo Theater in NYC, and was invited to sing with David Foster as his guest for his birthday party at the Hard Rock,Hollywood,Florida. She was just signed an 18 month development contract. She also had a few rounds on American Idol. Now at 19 still singing her heart out and still recording for me she now sings with a band called Pump.
Then Emily Brooke unbelievable voice now 15 and is wowing them in Nashville every time she goes. Then I worked with Krista Shaw she stared at age 19. We collaborated on 6 songs and 5 of those 6 were picked up. Now she is 22 a great young lady she turned out to be. I do have a long history and I hope you all enjoy the crazy wide variety of music I have written.
Talent starts the day you are born and never goes away.Bring it out for everyone to see, hear, feel.
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