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Bio: You Did Everything Right is Ellery's new EP, showcasing their expanding sonic palette and lyrical voice. Recorded and mixed over three days (and nights), the EP features five new songs: three of which have been appearing in Ellery's live sets for many months, and two of which will be new for fans.

Ellery is comprised of husband-wife team Tasha and Justin Golden, who released their debut record as Ellery in 2005. Their new offering takes its title from the third track by the same name. Tasha, Ellery's voice and songwriter, wrote You Did Everything Right in response to the hardships faced by her mother, and by Justin's. "It was my way of processing these women's stories," says Tasha, "and the way those stories have seeped into mine. The song still feels intensely personal. I think it always will."

Ellery didn't expect to perform the song regularly, but after including it in their live PBS taping in March 2007, the response it received urged them to make it an integral part of their sets.

"Really, the song is a whisper of the idea that maybe it -- whatever 'it' is for you -- couldn't have been any different; that you can't carry the weight of the world; that maybe you're worth fighting for either way. I'm finding with this song that what felt too personal to me at first is actually deeply universal. I'm not the only one who needs to hear this, or to say it."

The EP itself bears a similar story, in that it wasn't originally going to be released for sale. Rather, it was intended for promotional purposes, as a guide toward Ellery's next full-length record. But as new songs show up in their sets, Ellery's fans want to take them home. Says Tasha, "It gets harder and harder for us to not let the songs have their lives. We had a particular vision for these five, but it feels wrong to keep them so reined in. They're written, they're recorded, they're streaming. They should be made truly available."

Reviews have identified Ellery's dynamic indie-pop style as "emotionally-charged:" the sound, the lyrics, and the live presentation. Not surprisingly, Ellery's songs tend to feel personal to - or even possessed by - their fans, often from the first listen. Which makes waiting for a record feel like a long process.

So the Goldens are happy to put something new out there and see the tunes come to life. But they're quick to note that the next Ellery full-length has not been postponed. "We have plans for these tracks," says Justin, guitarist and arranger for Ellery, "and more songs come all the time."

Ellery released their debut record, Lying Awake, on Seattleā€™s Virt Records in 2006. Having met with critical acclaim that year, including national press and nominations for Artist and Album of the Year in Cincinnati, they followed in 2007 by releasing a live record, a live DVD filmed for PBS, and a digital holiday EP that was free for their fans. That year also saw them win the Mountain Stage NewSong International Songwriting Contest, and open for artists such as Hem, Over the Rhine, Vienna Teng, Ingrid Michaelson, and Edwin McCain. In December, they were selected by Paste Magazine as a semi-finalist in its "RockNReel" indie artist contest.

In 2008, Ellery continued their nonstop touring, showcasing for the International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, and opening for artists such as Teddy Thompson, Ellis Paul, Dar Williams, and Lucy Kaplansky. This Fall, "Song for Lovers" was featured on American Songwriter's new web launch (www.americansongspace.com), and Ellery was selected again by Paste Magazine as semi-finalists in its 2008 "RockNReel" contest.

Ellery continues to tour the US, and their songs have been heard on TV dramas, in Starbucks, and on radio around the country and in the UK.

Winners of the 2007 Mountain Stage NewSong International Songwriting Contest

Ellery was nominated for three 2006 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, including Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Folk/Americana Band of the Year

Selected by Paste Magazine in 07 and 08 among 20 up & coming artists, to compete in their RockNReel Contest
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