Robin Frederick

Thousand Oakes, CA United States

Bio: Robin Frederick has written and produced over 500 songs for television, record albums, and licensed character audio. Her songs have been covered by artists as diverse as Nick Drake, Whoopi Goldberg, Placebo, and Mickey Mouse. She has recorded three albums as a solo artist, including one on the Higher Octave/Virgin Records label and two releases from Sound Experience Music, all in the AC genre. She is a former Director of A&R at Rhino Records where she was executive producer of more than 60 albums. She is the author of "Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting."

WATER FALLS DOWN (REMASTERED) is Robin's latest release. It includes all of the tracks from the original CD version plus brand new recordings of Robin's folk classic "Sandy Grey."

Hailed as "a miraculous breakthrough into a feeling world" by British music critic Ian MacDonald, the songs on WATER FALLS DOWN explore love, loss, and living. Robin's vocal style blends the intimacy of Norah Jones and the silkiness of Enya with the classic, laid-back phrasing of Dusty Springfield. The Electro-Acoustic backing tracks create a downtempo atmosphere shaded with Dance, Jazz/Pop, and World Beat. Robin is a master of her craft, a songwriter, poet, and storyteller with a unique and compelling vision. John Braheny, author of The Craft and Business of Songwriting, says: "I love it! Musically mystical and evocative with enough body grounding groove to balance it. Lyrically cliche-free with some profound observations." Visit the world of muses and lovers, the lost, the betrayed, the dreamers and visionaries who live and love in these songs. Let the music take you to their world, the place where water falls down.

Music Connection Magazine ~ "Over Euro-inflected grooves and airy orchestration, songwriter and artist Robin Frederick lays a suite of brilliantly performed songs."
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