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Apell - Live in 2006
Bio: Apell is Anthony Pell an Australian, Melbourne based musician creating diverse and innovative electronic music encompassing styles as diverse as rock, jazz, funk & dub. Apell has been internationally acclaimed as “a tour de force with a creative mind who lives in a world of his own” – (Marty Peters RECORDING Magazine US)

In 2004 Apell released his 2nd album entitled Beaver Street & Beyond which has been acclaimed as “the best experience one can have listening to music” – (neufutur.com) On his 2 albums Apell uses multi-instrumental talents to create music from downtempo grooves to industrial tinged breaks.

The album “convincingly flirts with jazzy flavours, rock approaches, 70’s glamour, disco funk fun, dub effects, industrial attitude, drum'n'bass aesthetics, retro samples and more.” – (Marc Urselli-Schaerer 4 STARS at www.chaindlk.org)

In 1999 Apell was created to produce music that couldn't be created in a regular band. Apell’s production techniques are inspired by a diverse range of musical influences from rock (U2, Radiohead, King Crimson, Frank Zappa & Jimi Hendrix) to jazz (John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Weather Report & John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra) and electronic (Massive Attack, Squarepusher, Unkle & Amon Tobin).

Apell’s musical objective is to create innovative & entertaining music that is not just a carbon copy of other electronic music.

Apell has received rave reviews internationally and has been described as “a crazy eccentric genius.” – (Stillborn Extreme Music Zine - Italy)

This musical madness has made Apell a finalist in the Australian National Youthweeks RockIT for 2 years running (2001 & 2002).

Both Apell albums have also gained radio airplay on Melbourne (3RRR & 3PBS) and Australian national (JJJ) radio.

Other milestones include a 5 position on the mp3.com.au dance music charts for the novelty dance track SMS (Deluxe Mix), and the production of a soundtrack for a short film Spokes by Melbourne film director Dean Georgio.

Since 2004 Apell has developed a live act using Ableton Live & Bass Guitar to produce an innovative & exciting version of Apell’s recorded music and has since performed as part of Melbourne’s Fringe Festival and at various Melbourne venues.

Apell is also a member of the Autralian electronic music collective Clan Analogue and can be found on their 2006 Dub compilation "In Version".

Another album is in the works for early 2008 and plans to be a reworking/remixing of older tracks, a few new ones and maybe even a cover or two...
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