Fishing for Comets

Flower Mound, TX United States

Camille Cortinas of Fishing For Comets
Bio: Fishing for Comets is a four-piece band from Dallas Texas that is known for their sunny songwriting, smart lyrics and captivating vocals. Combining Elements of pop, country, rock and folk the group delivers a truly unique, organic sound.

At the 2005 & 2006 Dallas Observer Music Awards the band won
the award for Best Folk Acoustic act and received a nomination
for Best Female Vocalist (Camille Cortinas) three years in a row.

The band has seen the release of their first full length album "Scattered Among the Archipelago". The album looks at the marriage of inspiration, and art and how the two can change a person's life.

Band Members:
Camille Cortinas- vocals, guitar
Sam Romero- guitar, bass
Eric Neal- vocals, guitar, bass
Aaron Thomas- drums, percussion
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