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North Parramatta, NSW Australia

Paul Kneipp
Bio: Australian Songwriter and Producer, Paul Kneipp
Professional musician at 15. Songwriter and Producer at 27.
The story of Paul Kneipp is one of a person singularly devoted to excellence in contemporary pop hit music, whether performing, composing, producing or developing artists.
Born in Queensland’s Townsville, Australia Paul left home to play drums in a band at age 16 and went on to perform in all capital cities of Australia, The U.S.A., Germany and New Zealand with a who’s who of Australian stars and overseas artists. In between studies at the New South Wales Conservatorium Of Music, Paul toured and recorded his way through the ‘80s. Some highlights included:
• Jaco Pasteurius • Seals and Crofts at the New Orleans Worlds Fair •Leon Berger • Sharon O’Neill • Marcia Hines • Rick Price • Danny LaRue • Rolf Harris • “Blood Brothers” (starring Russell Crowe) • “Are You Lonesome Tonight” (starring Martin Shaw) • “Chess” •“Late Night With Jonno & Danno “ (weekly TV show starring Jonathan Coleman) • Marc Hunter • Tim Finn and touring with the band America in Germany.
Paul moved to Los Angeles to further his musical career, travelling across the continent to play at The Worlds Fair in New Orleans. It was during this period that Paul became interested in production and song writing, returning to Australia to concentrate on this new skill.
Paul worked with the singer, Chrissy Moy and acquired a single deal through Festival records (Australia). The song ‘Dreamland’ was released which Paul co-wrote and produced. The pattern of finding and developing artists, writing songs and producing them to then secure a record deal is one that Paul has copied successfully, many times.
Paul was the driving force behind The Robertson Brothers and negotiated a record deal for the group with BMG. The Robertson Brothers were nominated for an ARIA award as Best New Artist and the first single ‘I Know Why’ written and co-produced by Paul, made the top forty in Australia. Paul wrote four songs for the album which gained air play in Asia, the U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South America and a number one in Lebanon. The Robertson Brothers and Paul toured Germany in the summer of 1995 as the support act for the group America.
Paul built his own studio, maintaining and engineering all recording equipment for personal use as well as for other clients, such as Tim Finn and Wendy Matthews. Fourteen year old singer Christine Toseski, recorded the pop/dance single 2nd Skin (Kneipp/Moy) in his own studio and was PK Music’s first independent release. This single gained airplay on Australia’s national radio network, internet and college radio stations in Russia, USA and UK and instore radio stations.
Paul is regarded as an extremely professional, talented and ambitious person by music industry associates. He is very creative and hard working. He never leaves a job unfinished and can be relied upon to be original. Paul works very closely with artists to help develop their own unique style and sound, creating a repertoire specifically for them that is popular and commercial.
Publishers have not been disappointed with the standard that Paul achieves and the original ideas he produces in his songs. He maintains 100% ownership of all of his copyright and is interested in collaborating with other writers. He has the experience, initiative and knowledge to make great music and would like audiences around the world to be able to listen and enjoy his music regularly.

PK Music can write specifically for your project, develop your artists musically and stylistically, advise them on the best career direction to take and produce their style of music that will last longer than the top 40. It is always a positive experience working with PK Music, as we make music you will want to listen again and again.
Songwriter and Producer, Paul Kneipp
is well qualified and capable of writing specifically for your project requirements.
Wrote, Recorded, Produced and Developed artists;
• Chrissy Moy Festival, (1989) single and video- Dreamland (Directed by Alex Proyas)
- album- Arabesque (wrote and produced 12 songs for album) - single- Dreamland (written and produced by Kneipp/Moy).
• One Trapeze (1990-2) 6 songs written, recorded and produced by Kneipp.
• The Robertson Brothers, BMG, 1993
- album- Symmetry (4 songs on album)
- single- I Know Why (written by Kneipp, produced by Kneipp/Goh/Ryan)
- Nominated for “Best New Talent” by ARIA. Released in 4 territories world wide.
• Sara Stewauld (1994), single - Perfect Blue (written and produced by Kneipp)
• Katrina Parnell (1995-6), single and video- Silvermoon (written and produced by Kneipp)
• Tim Finn and Wendy Matthews, (1996-7) engineer, production, drums.
• The Robertson Brothers,(1997-8) 4 songs for EMI, production, programming.
• Blush (1999) single and video- Everywhere (written by Kneipp/Goh, produced by Paul Kneipp)
• Christine Toseski (2000-01) single and video- 2nd Skin (written by Kneipp/Moy, produced by Paul Kneipp) Independent release PK Music.
• Glitter Girls (2002) co-wrote and produced three singles- Disco Dancing, Dreams, Party On.
• Tegan Rogers (2006) co-wrote and produced two songs- Rising, Butterflies, released on independent CD Flying sold in Japan.
Acquired record deals for;
• Chrissy Moy, Festival, 1989
- album- Arabesque (wrote and produced 12 songs for album)
- single- Dreamland (written and produced by Kneipp/Moy)
• The Robertson Brothers, BMG, 1993
- album- Symmetry (4 songs on album )
- single- I Know Why (written and produced by Kneipp)

• Flying- Independent Album, various artists, all songs written and produced by Paul Kneipp (released through Shock Records Exports to Japan)
• Second Skin- Christine Toseski. Writer, Producer, drums/keys/programming.
• I Know Why - The Robertson Brothers. Writer, Producer, drums/keys/percussion.
• This Tide - The Robertson Brothers. Co-writer, Producer,drums/keys.
• The River - The Robertson Brothers. Writer.
• Circus - The Robertson Brothers. Writer.
• Shadowman- The Robertson Brothers. Writer
• Dreamland - Chrissy Moy. Writer, Producer, drums/keys.
The Robertson Brothers (European support for the group America), Marcia Hines, Richard Clapton, Marc Hunter of Dragon, Andrew Oh, Col Joye, Rolf Harris, Dave Dobbyn, Jenny Morris, Rick Price, Seals and Crofts, as well as National Australian TV and Musical Theatre Shows.
Professional Experience;
• 25 years professional experience as a musician, specialising in drums and percussion. Reading (including theatre/live TV) and writing.
• 10 years experience in piano, keyboards (basic harmony, chord charts).
• Training/Teaching/Lecturing - tertiary level. Product demonstrations such as lecture tour for Pearl Drums/Paiste cymbals (endorsee since 1981).
• Varied styles of music composition - pop, rock, country, film, advertising. Overseas releases in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, South America, Asia and the UK. Member of APRA since 1989.
• Music production - programming, hire of studios, musicians, handling of budgets for singles, album tracks, demos. BMG, Mushroom, Festival.
• Studio setups - wiring of patchbays, EDACs, SPDIF etc.
• Studio engineering and editing, sampling, looping, recording vocals and live instruments.
• MIDI/Hard Disk Recording with ProTools 3 and 4, Cubase VST, Audio Logic and Performer.
• Multimedia authoring and web design using Director, Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
• Editing videos for PK Music using Final Cut Pro and Premiere.
• Equipment includes Cubase VST, Akai Virus, ProTools, PreProduction facilities.

Further Education
2005: Diploma of Music, Nirimba TAFE.
1997 : Certificate in Multimedia, Level 3 and 4 Honours, Sydney, first in the state.
1986 : Percussion Institute of Technology, Los Angeles.
1985 : Jazz Studies, NSW Conservatorium of Music.
Contract Employment
2003-present- IT consultant Australian Catholic University
2001-2 : Co writer and producer three songs for Glitter Girls.
2000-01 : Produced single and video for Christine Toseski.
1999-2008 : Freelance Information Technology Support for Department of School Education, Sydney.
1998 : Produced three tracks for Robertson Brothers through EMI. Information Technology Support for Optus.
1997 : Information Technology Manager, EWN, Sydney.
1991-1996 : Head Teacher, Contemporary Ensemble Dept. Australian Institute of Music Sydney.
1995 : Tour Manager, Aris Records, Germany.
1994-1996 : Partner/builder, Trout Studios, Sydney.
1995 : Composer, Co-Producer “Symmetry” CD (The Robertson Bros) for BMG (Five tracks).
1994 : Executive Producer, Composer “I know why” (The Robertson Bros) for BMG Australia. ARIA nomination, Best New Talent.
1991 : ‘Chess’ Full season staged at Theatre Royal, Sydney.

contact: Paul Kneipp or Danielle Kneipp
14 Gloucester Ave North Parramatta, NSW, 2151 Australia
phone- (+612) 96133390 Paul Kneipp mobile- 0414 453 287
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