Bryan Eich

Mineola, NY United States

Bio: Bryan's new EP titled "Devil in Disguise" captures 5 new songs all with a new and creative approach to how he writes and records his music. As he holds onto his dreamy and soulful pop music, he adds a crisp and powerful production of drums, soaring slide guitars, pianos, strings and harmonies.

Bryan Eich's dreamy and soulful thoughts were penned, recorded himself and then produced in the studio which gave these songs new life.

"I wasn't afraid to try new things with these songs. I took an idea and I went all the way with it. I didn't hold back anything that seemed too out there for me. I kept my old song writing style but went further with it and let loose much more, especially in the title track "Heavens Just A Feeling (Devil in Disguise)". I sang the song verses with some speed and swagger. The lyrics are much more abstract. It's very exciting to me, especially since I never did anything like that before with my music. I've also learned a lot just by being in the studio. I get to focus on my sound, who I am as an artist, and how my music has taken shape over time."

Bryan independently released his first solo album in 2007 called "Sleeping By A Wire" which contained dreamy tracks of love and loss. He was honored by NY Newsday as having one of the top 10 independent albums of 2007 in the NY metro area and received positive reviews from many different publications, websites and radio stations.

Now he enters a new phase of his musical life and hopes to inspire along the way. Look for his new EP Devil in Disguise on iTunes and CDBaby this 2010.
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