ryan mccalmon

Belmont, MA United States

Genres:Pop - Adult Contemporary
Bio: McCalmon, a Portland, Maine native, began his music career after returning home from California where he earned an English degree from Stanford University. He began work with Ryan Zoidis (Rustic Overtones, Lettuce, Soulive) and Tony McNaboe (Rustic Overtones, Ray LaMontagne) as guitar player for Inside Straight, a soul/R&B house band that packed Portland's Big Easy for two straight years. In 2003, McCalmon worked with McNaboe on his debut album "Destination" resulting in heavy radio play and shows with Guster, Ray LaMontagne, Joe Cocker and Maceo Parker. McCalmon moved to Boston and began work on his debut solo album. He released "Come Home" in 2006 and was immediately nominated for a Boston Music Award in the best male singer/songwriter category.
The Portland Phoenix claims: "Come Home is an laid back, soulful album charming enough to woo anyone with a beating heart." His music is an interesting blend of influences. It fits most comfortably in the rock singer/songwriter genre, but there is a laid back and reflective vibe that comes from McCalmon's heavy immersion in Motown and 70's soul. There are also hints of Brazilian music that add a bittersweet, moody quality to his music. Most apparent though is the character of McCalmon's voice. It is capable of both soothing intimacy and powerful raw emotion. Most often he chooses a soft lazy approach comparable to James Taylor, Bill Withers and Josh Rouse. Occasionally though, he will stretch out to offer a more haunting and volatile delivery reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and fellow Mainer Ray LaMontagne.
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