Bellevue, WA United States

Bio: In the summer of 2002, guitarist Justin Ludwig and bassist Paul Ishimitsu started kicking around some tunes in a storage shed outside of Paul's apartment complex. Soon they recruited drummer Chad Schultz through an ad in local Seattle newspaper, moved into a normal practice space, and began playing out under the name Autonomadic. Paul quit the following summer, but the band quickly replaced him with Todd Weaver.

Todd clicked immediately, and with him Autonomadic solidified their punk identity. During the summer of 2003, the trio wrote half-a-dozen songs that would become staples of their set for the next few years — as well as the basis for their first record later that fall. At Vagrant Studios, in Seattle, under the ear of half-mad engineer Erik 4-A, Autonomadic belted out six songs over an intense weekend. The result became their self-released EP, Sterilize the Poor in Spirit.

Over the next two years, Autonomadic toured like madmen. They made numerous forays across the border into Canada, once traveling all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska. Like a weed in a freshly fertilized lawn, Autonomadic seemed to sprout up all over the West Coast (leaving angry homeowners cursing and shaking their fists). The trio became regulars at punk dive bars like the Lobo in Seattle, the Cobalt in Vancouver, and the Twilight in Portland.

Finally, in the spring of 2005, Autonomadic paused to record a new album. They went back to Vagrant and the eccentric Erik 4-A. Twenty tracks later, Autonomadic's first full-length record was complete. A local indie label, Bleeding Ear Records, agreed to release the album as Lies, Fear, and Hate. The recording process had sucked dry the band's enthusiasm for their music, however, and once-tight trio began to falter. Chad quit at the end of the summer.

After wallowing for a few months, Justin and Todd brought in a fresh face: Robert Baker, a seventeen year-old drummer. His dad had been a touring musician for many years, so Baker knew the ropes and he fit right in. With Baker behind the kit, Autonomadic began playing out again in the spring of 2006 — and all the old energy and excitement returned. They took several trips down the West Coast, stopping at some familiar venues, and stirring up some new scenes.

Baker itched to put his own stamp on the band, and in the spring of 2007, the trio threw themselves into recording a brand new EP. With the help of engineer Scot Michael at Seattle’s Titan Studio, Autonomadic produced a short but intense record, titled The Missionary after its fiery lead track. Bleeding Ear once again signed on to release the record, and the band plans an extended tour this fall to promote it.
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