CoilFlex Productions

Gravesend, kent United Kingdom

Genres:Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Ambient, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: CoilFlex Productions is the musical outlet of Richard J Lock. an elusive Multi Instrumentalist Guitarist, Drummer & Producer from Gravesend,Kent UK. known for producing a wide variety of musical styles, his impressive Guitar technique & Drumming skills. He records & produces only from his independent, underground recording studio (the coilflex) that is based in his own home or sometimes upped and lifted into a random session uptown.

After many years of Recording & Producing along with friends,he has for the first time put it all together in this large Production/media music library. This consists of such Bands/Artists as Foley, LO, The Starvin Ungries, Black Hampton, David Collins & 5 discs of instrumental material.
In total a collection of over 140 tracks of Jazz, punk, Rock, Electronic, world, blues ,ambient, Hip Hop & Drum n Bass.

Coilflex productions has something for everyones needs!
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