Rawdon, Quebec Canada

Trip the Light Fantastic album cover
Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Who I Am:
Self-producing Pop-Rock music is like breathing and eating, I can't live
without it. I say Pop-Rock, but it's a pretty eclectic sound, with lots of acoustic
guitars and synths... Right now I'm working on a new CD, due for release
some time this year. I'm actively blogging about the production process on my
website if you want more details.

My Past:
I've been playing music since the age of four, I toured a bit of Eastern North
America (mostly Quebec) and I've released 2 albums so far. I studied music at
Vanier College in Montreal (Jazz guitar), I reached the top 20 radio charts in a
few radio stations and collaborated with some great artists.

Where I'm Goin':
My goal is to make music (compose and perform) full time and share it with as
many people as possible. If that means being famous, being rich, being
infamous or being poor, I don't care! I never want to compose a song on
purpose, I want to explore music in every direction and keep looking for new
things, that's what I love; new stuff!

So yes, Michael-Angelo is my real name but you can just call me Mic. I'm
proud to be born in Rawdon, Quebec, Canada. My girlfriend, Im Jihye plays
keyboards, sings back vocals with me and she's a huge help with composing
my songs, especially with harmonies and voicings. Je parle Francais aussi!
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