Karen FitzGerald

, United States

Genres:New Age, Easy Listening, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Cinematic
Bio: Artist description:
Contemporary instrumental performing and recording artist Karen FitzGerald brings together a classically trained technique with a deeply personal musical intuition that comes straight from the heart. Her solo piano compositions range from delicate and soothing to passionate and soul-stirring, evoking the beauty of nature, the subtle shades of human emotion, and a longing for spiritual wholeness.

Music style: Impressionistic, romantic, contemplative, solo acoustic piano

Musical influences: Keith Jarrett, George Winston

Similar Artists: George Winston, Liz Story, David Lanz, Michael Jones

Artist history:
Karen's musical life began before birth as her mother played the classics on the family's baby grand piano. At age five Karen begged for lessons, and twelve years later graduated with honors from the Wilmington Music School in her home town in Delaware. In college, Karen majored in Physics, but when she needed a break from her studies, was once again drawn to the piano. As she released pent up feelings, she learned how to improvise, and began creating her own distinctive musical vocabulary.

Karen then moved to Northwest Washington and began working as a computer programmer, developing her music on the side. In the early '80s, influenced Keith Jarrett and George Winston, Karen began taking composing seriously. Her first pieces were released in 1987 on a cassette album entitled Turquoise Flame.

In 1996 Karen ended her programming career to pursue music full time. In 1999 she released her first CD, Heart of the Rain. The album received excellent reviews from the press and airplay on over 30 New Age radio programs across the country.

Karen continues to perform and compose solo piano music, and has worked in collaboration with vocalists, dancers, and choreographers. Her music regularly appears in television shows, promotional videos, and web sites.

For more information, please visit Karen's web site at www.karenfitzgerald.com.

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