Pablo Sciuto

Madrid, Madrid Spain

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Bio: Pablo Sciuto is a Uruguayan songwriter and one of the greatest representatives of the Uruguayan new song. His work investigates both traditional and modern styles; bossa nova, pop and candombe are recognized in his music. He has performed with artists including Leo Minax, Rita Tavares, Habana Abierta, Jorge Drexler, Tancredo, Jorge Galemire and Carlos Chaouen. His music is popular in Europe and Latin America.

Sciuto currently lives in Madrid, Spain, where he has published several works.


* Citylandia (1998)
* La Llave del Cielo (2000)
* Tres Corazones (2004)


* Cantigas de Mayo 2003 (with Chavela Vargas and other artists)

* Cantigas de Mayo 2005 (with Quimi Portet and other artists)
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