Wilmington, DE United States

Bio: Amaze, also known as simply "The Icon" has worked with some of the industries most well known talent and continues to spread his creative wings. Used by club DJs in and around the NorthEast corridor all the way to London, England, Amaze knows how to tap into any audience with whichever musical medium he chooses.

Behind the flashing lights shines a talent so bright he can only be called Amaze! With his smooth R&B sound and his lyrically laced beats, Amaze has the musical capacity of a prodigy, the technical skills of an engineer, and the charisma of a performer. Through music Amaze has moved audiences throughout the United States and Europe, and has served as MTV's resident Cancun Spring Break DJ for several years. In the meantime Amaze has matured as a songwriter, singer, and producer.
With his first official single, Studio Rodeo dropping from his independent label, Hood Elegant Recprds, Amaze has debuted his performing, singing, and rap skills. Studio Rodeo is gaining traction on domestic radio stations, and you can expect to hear more from this gifted well-rounded musician. This is truly the tip of the iceberg for this musical magician.

For more information on Amaze, visit his website at or you can check him out on Facebook at: or Twitter at:
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